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My top tips for staying in hostels

My top tips for staying in hostels.



  1. Take flip-flops for the showers! Primark does some for 90p; you never know how clean the showers are

     2.  Use a torch instead of turning on the light. You don’t want to wake everyone up.

     3. A lot of people in hostels like to experience the nightlife of the city. Pack headphones to ensure you don’t get woken up at 3 am.

     4. If you’re picky like me, you can take your pillowcase and maybe a thin sheet. I’ve heard some hostel workers (probably the lower rated ones) think that if they look clean, they are clean. EW!!

     5. Don’t be shy! Meet other travelers, get to know them and their story. It’s a good way to gain more Instagram followers too!

    6. Look at reviews before you book, but don’t be put off by one or two bad ones. 

    7. Hostelworld and are convenient for comparing reviews, but try and book through the hostel directly. Booking websites add fee’s on, meaning it would be cheaper to book with the hostel. 

    8. If you don’t know the area, it’s probably best to stay close to central, or even better, try and stay with a hostel chain like Hostelling International.

   9. If you have room in your luggage, pack a padlock and towel. A microfiber towel is small and compact. Hostels try and charge you for all of these little extras.

 10. If you’re an early bird,  prepare your clothes, toiletries and day bag the night before. You don’t want to wake everyone up. (unless they wake you up at 3 am!!)


That’s it for my hostel tips, If you haven’t stayed in one before, I highly recommend that you do. Just make sure you check the location and reviews first. 


Thank you for reading, if you have any questions just message me on Instagram, I love talking to new people @sprinkleofsof.


Until next week,


sof xo



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