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North Wales hidden gem

My latest lunch adventure was at Signatures restaurant, a hidden gem located in Conwy, North Wales. They’ve won multiple awards, and they’re known as the best restaurant in North Wales. After hearing nothing but positive reviews, it was time to see what everyone was talking about.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a smartly dressed waiter who showed us to our table. The beautiful decor, relaxing atmosphere and attentive service caught my eye instantly.

They have a wide variety of dishes on the menu, so it was hard to choose what to order. Between three of us, we ordered Garlic cheese bread, triple cooked chips, Roast chicken breast and Tasting of pork. The presentation was exquisite.

Below I will post pictures of our food, and tell you exactly what we thought of it.


The ‘Roast chicken’ dish was succulent, delicious and tender. It exceeded our expectations and certainly didn’t disappoint.

The ‘Garlic cheese bread’ was the perfect side dish to accompany our main meals. The flavouring to the salad was just right. The dish as a whole was simply appetizing, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The ‘Tasting of pork’ features a diverse range of beautiful flavours across the plate. The presentation was simply elegant, and the inexpensive price to experience such luxury was astounding.


Overall, our experience at Signatures was most enjoyable and we are looking forward to trying more of their delightful dishes



Please find directions by clicking on the map!


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