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Travelling for the first time – Where should you go?

Hey guys,

This blog topic has been highly suggested by a lot of people on my social media. When I first started travelling, I purchased cheap flights thinking ”Oh what a bargain”, but without doing research, I arrived at my destination to find that accommodation and food were expensive. I’ve put a list together of some perfect destinations for first-time travellers.

In my list, there will be country’s that are expensive to fly to, but cheap for accommodation, and there will be places that are super cheap to fly to, but a little more for a hotel.

I’ve also put together the best time of year to fly to these places (down to cost) flying from a range of UK airports.

(In no particular order)


 1. Thailand- 

London – Bangkok £313 in November

London – Chaing Mai £345 in November 

London – Phucket £345 in November

As you can see, The flight is the biggest expense, but once you get there, everything is cheap and cheerful. You can stay in a dorm room for as little as £9 per night in Bangkok and even upgrade to a five* hotel for £10 more. Street food in Thailand can be as cheap as £1.28 per person. Thailand has great beaches, cheap transport, good nightlife and lots to do! That explains why Thailand is full of travellers!


* TOP TIP- If you book five times with, you become what they call a ‘genius member.’ A genius member receives 10% off a large pick of hotels. Geniuses also get free travel perks such as late check-out, early check-in, and free airport shuttle. *

2. Croatia- 

London – Dubrovnik £48 in October

London – Split £54 in October 

As you can see here, the flights are inexpensive, but I’m yet to find a dorm room or hotel under £41 per night in Dubrovnik. Croatia is relatively cheap on food anyway, but hidden restaurants/cafe’s down side streets, are likely to be cheaper than the ones in the center. Croatia is known for its national parks, beautiful scenery and nightlife (in some parts). Buses are the main public transport option in Croatia, however, in some places, they also have well-developed tram systems.


3. Montreal – 

London – Montreal £228 in January

As you would expect, hotel prices shoot up in the summer months. Hotels in Montreal have relatively good deals November through to April. I found a standard hotel for £25 per night for two people, which isn’t bad at all. Eating out in Montreal can be expensive, but also cheap. If you do your research, you’ll find somewhere to suit your budget. There isn’t an awful lot to do here, but for the more adventurous, there’s plenty.


4.  Cape Town- 

London – Cape Town £455 in May

It costs quite a bit to get to Cape Town, but when you arrive, there’s a lot to do. It’s definitely on my bucket list, and it should be on yours too, here’s why;

Cape Town is a good place overall for your money. You can expect professional safari tours, beautiful beaches and great weather all year round. While researching, I came across a backpackers hostel three miles from the center, offering rooms for £12 per person (with excellent reviews).  Food can be cheap too if you look in the right places.



5. Greece- 

London – Corfu £49 in October

London – Kos £69 in October

London – Mykonos £91 in October

London -Santorini £111 in October

Greece is a popular tourist destination all year round. You can even Island hop if you would prefer. Greece offers ideal climate, great nightlife, and astounding cuisine. The beaches in Greece are everything you would want and more, It’s even better if you can find one of the many hidden beaches. Eating out varies in price. If you’re on a budget, try the side street cafes instead of the restaurants in the center. Accommodation prices will vary with the destination you choose. I came across a four* hotel with free breakfast and airport shuttle for £44 per night in Corfu. Surprisingly Santorini was the same, but you would have to stay further south of the main tourist areas to find them prices.


6. India-

London- Mumbai £253 in February

London – New Delhi £284 in February

Flights to India are rather cheap if you’re flexible with the time of year you visit. Four* hotels are as little as £19 per night in New Delhi, cheaper than a lot of hostels there. There is a lot to see and do in India, and with good public transport at your feet, there are no excuses! There is food to suit everybody in India; street food, market food, restaurants, cafes, the lot. One to add to the bucket list.


7. Portugal-

Newcastle – Faro £20 in November

Newcastle – Lisbon £37 in November

Portugal is cheap to fly into from most UK airports, but Newcastle is the cheapest. You can learn to surf along the coast of Alentejo, Climb mountains, cliffs and visit beautiful lakes in the Azores Islands, Golf in the Algarve, Dance on the street while drinking cheap alcohol in the Bairro Alto Neighborhood and much more. Public transport is easily accessible in most places. I came across a backpackers hostel 400 yards from the center for £27 per night (including breakfast). A 3* hotel was around £35 per night, so it just depends whether you’re comfortable sleeping in a dorm room.


8. Bali-

London & Manchester – Depanser £382 in May

Bali is the most popular island within the Indonesian Islands. You can also catch a boat to the Gili Islands, which is what I plan to do when I visit next week. Accommodation is quite affordable over there. Eighteen nights cost me £395 in a four* hotel. There is so much to do in Bali; I will make sure I update you guys with tonnes of blog posts from my trip. One downside to Bali is that the traffic is awful! Public transport includes renting scooters/cars, mini buses, taxies, and buses. Kuta is known for its nightlife and the best waterpark in Asia ‘Waterbom’. If you want to visit a more peaceful part of Bali check out Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Dua.


9. Philippines-

London – Manila £303 in November 

London – Cebu £364 in November

The Philippines is a big country but offers some of the best islands in the world. The locals are friendly, cheap air connections, the average yearly temperature is 26 degrees, and the food is delicious, why wouldn’t you want to visit?  I’ve found a four* guest house, 3.1 miles from the center of Manila, With an airport shuttle included for just £27 per night. A four* hotel in Cebu city starts from £31 per night. Apart from the light rail in parts of Manila, The Philippines has zero public transportation.  If you can’t hire a form of transportation, tourists rely on Taxi’s or Jeepneys to get around. There is a lot to do there, so you’ll never be bored.


10. Krakow- 

London – John Paul II £37 in November

Krakow is a Southern Poland city near the border of the Czech Republic (another cheap destination). You are spoilt for choice with accommodation here because they have tonnes of hostels. Their hostels start at around £10 per night and can go as high as £40 (just for a dorm room as well). The majority of landmarks are accessible by foot, but there are also local trains, tramways, and buses to get around the city.


11. Budapest-

London – Budapest Ferenc Liszt £32 in January

Budapest sits on top of 120 natural hot springs. Szechenyi Bath is the biggest thermal bath in Budapest and is already on my bucket list. With flights as cheap as £32, I don’t know why I haven’t visited yet. Budapest offers some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. This year they are on from November 10th – December 31st so I might have to book a trip. I have found a lovely hotel, 1 mile from the center for £24 per night. Trams, buses, and metros are frequent in the city, so It is easy to get around. There is something for everyone in Budapest, whether it be historic sites, museums, cruises/water tours, nature/parks.


12. Bulgaria – 

London – Sofia £19 in October

Bulgaria is home to the cheapest capital in Europe – Sofia.

Sofia offers many of Bulgaria’s finest museums, galleries, restaurants, and clubs. People like to visit here with friends or family for a cheap break away from home. I have found a backpackers hostel, two miles from the center for £8 per night. It doesn’t look like the nicest hostel, but there are a few hostels around. Many three-four* hotels aren’t bad in price either. Many people visit Sofia for the food, culture, and shopping. They have Metros, trams, and buses, so the city is easy to access


Prices subject to change, but these are the prices on September 10th 2017.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post. I took my time to research this information for you guys. I’m quite good at finding cheap flights and hotels, so if you need any help, feel free to private message me on Instagram or Twitter @sprinkleofsof.

I’m sorry that all of these flights are from UK airports, but there are so many airports in the US, I wouldn’t know where to begin!


I’m going to write a series of blog posts from my trip, so keep an eye out for them.

Until next week,

Sof xo


Hey, I’m Sofeena, welcome to my blog which focuses on travel & lifestyle themed posts. Happy Reading!

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